Shevchenko burst into tears on Italian television

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Former coach of the national team of Ukraine Andrei Shevchenko could not restrain himself and cried live on Italian television, talking about the war in our country.

According to the expert, what is happening in the homeland still seems to him a nightmare.

“My relatives are telling me what’s going on. It’s a nightmare I want to wake up from. They’re bombing cities, killing women, children and the elderly.

It seems like a nightmare, it seems that tomorrow I will wake up and return to normal life, but I understand that this will not happen … It is a reality.

Ukraine wants to be part of Europe, it was the decision of our people. Zelensky is a great president who leads us to freedom and independence, “Shevchenko told Rai3 with tears in his eyes.

We will remind, earlier the expert declared that his relatives refused to evacuate from Ukraine.

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