She left her husband alone: ​​Kudryavtseva left the capital urgently

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The celebrity’s husband did not support her.

TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva went to Sochi. She shared the details of the unexpected trip on her personal Telegram channel.

The “Secret of a Million” star is trying to openly share with fans the news of his life, but a trip to a Russian resort came as a surprise to many. In the morning she published pictures taken at work, and in the evening she showed a selfie from the plane, admitting that she was going on vacation for only a few days.

“In Sochi for 3 nights. Previously, the flight was about 2 hours, now – 4 hours. Of the pros: no masks, “- says the celebrity.

Kudryavtseva did not disclose the details of the trip, but judging by the photos, her husband did not keep her company on this short trip. During the holiday, the TV presenter enjoyed all the charms of the spring resort and, in her own words, gained 5 kilograms of excess weight, “eating stress.”

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