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“She doesn’t want to go to work”: Anna Netrebko, forced to leave theaters due to a special operation, told about her plans

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Anna Netrebko

Opera singer Anna Netrebko got in touch with fans and confirmed her intention to take a short break from work due to pressure on Russian artists amid a special operation in Ukraine.

I’ll be back to work soon, but I’m not drawn there yet, and in these couple of free months I’ll be in places I haven’t been before,

– Anna wrote, posting photos from a vacation in the Middle East.

The singer added a philosophical caption to some of the photos: “Desertness was not felt in the desert. Apparently, everything is known by comparison.”

Anna Netrebko

Many Netrebko’s subscribers decided that in this way the singer decided to allegorically describe the current situation with the “abolition” of all Russian in the West.

I would say friends know each other in trouble. You are unique and loved all over the world. And in Russia you are simply adored for talent, sincerity and truthfulness.

Anna, we need you, Russia needs you! I hope you are not discouraged, it’s not in your character! Everything will be fine!

– Netrebko’s fans wrote in the comments.

Anna Netrebko

Earlier, several Western theaters terminated their cooperation with the Russian opera singer because she did not publicly condemn the special operation in Ukraine and did not distance herself from Vladimir Putin. He was fired from La Scala, the Bavarian Opera and the Metropolitan Opera. After that, the representative of the opera diva Maxim Berin said that she decided to take a break from her career due to the current situation.

Together with Netrebko, conductor Valery Gergiev lost his contracts in the West, who, despite pressure, also did not comment publicly on the special operation. Recently, Vladimir Putin discussed with Gergiev, who is the artistic director and general director of the Mariinsky Theater, the idea of ​​merging the directorates of the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi Theater on the example of the management of the Imperial Theaters.

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