She could not reach Gordon: Baranovskaya’s earnings were made public

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The celebrity works in several shows on federal channels.

Julia Baranovskaya earns a little less than two million rubles a month in the show “Male / Female”. Showman Rustam Solntsev shared details of the situation.

The relationship program first aired in 2014. The project almost immediately became one of the highest rated on domestic television, which invariably affected the fees of presenters. At the same time, as Solntsev noted, Gordon receives a higher salary than his colleague, despite the fact that they came to the show at the same time.

“The amount that is spinning is about two million rubles for Baranovskaya. And, of course, Gordon is a million and a half higher, ”the portal quotes the celebrity Blitz +.

The secular expert also noted that the TV presenter did not start receiving such a salary from the first issue. All the while, her fee has been rising, reaching several million in recent years alone.

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