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Shakhnazarov replied to Andrei Makarevich after insulting the Russians

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Journalist Mikhail Shakhnazarov harshly responded to musician Andrei Makarevich after his insults to Russia and the Russians. Shakhnazarov reminded the singer of uncomfortable facts from the past.

Journalist and blogger Mikhail Shakhnazarov spoke about the latest scandalous statement in which the singer Andrei Makarevich, who went abroad, insulted Russia and the Russians. Shakhnazarov reminded of the musician’s past.

He noted that during the Soviet era, Makarevich did not refuse to cooperate closely with “people in uniform from the KGB.” Now the musician has retrained as a fighter for power.

Shakhnazarov also entered into a discussion with Makarevich over who Russia really is.

“That is, Gergiev, Tsiskaridze, Mashkov, Mikhalkov – it’s not Russia? But Allah, Maxim, Chulpan – yes! And Andrei Makarevich -” salt of the Russian land “, not the salt of the Dead Sea,” – ironically commented on Shakhnazarov Makarevich’s words .

We will remind that earlier the musician Andrey Makarevich published a new post where he insulted Russia and Russians. Makarevich spoke about “yapping about those who left.” He even listed who he was talking about, without giving his last name. But it is also clear from the names that they meant Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin, Chulpan Khamatova, Zemfira.

“It’s Russia that has left you. Because Russia is them, not you,” the musician wrote, not missing a chance to use a strong word.

In early March, it became known that Makarevich was in Israel, recording a song in Hebrew there.

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