Sergei Zverev was shocked by the recognition of Gurchenko’s legacy

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Thanks to the artist’s outfits, the stylist was able to update his wardrobe.

Sergei Zverev spoke about unexpected gifts from Lyudmila Gurchenko. As it turned out, he still wears many of her outfits.

According to the celebrity, one day the famous actress called him and offered to come to visit with big packages. Gurchenko passed on a large number of bright outfits to the stylist and his close friend, which now form the basis of his images.

“Everything that Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko once gave me was carefully kept by me. And now I’m starting to wear it. It turns out that everything was useful to me, “said the stylist in an interview with the portal Teleprogramma.pro.

As Zverev noted, at the recent Estet Fashion Week event he appeared with Gurchenko’s handbag and in her long gloves. Both things not only complemented the image of the celebrity, but also turned out to be very convenient. According to the stylist, it was a miniature cosmetic bag that allowed him to take everything he needed for the evening.

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