Sergei Shnurov has resigned as RTVI’s general producer

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Sergey Kiselev / Moscow Agency

RTVI General Producer Sergei Shnurov has announced “temporary self-removal” from his post. Shnurov’s statement published on the channel’s website.

According to the musician, he wants to “focus on developing his own music projects.” Shnurov added that “in the context of current events” his opinion may not largely coincide with the editorial policy of the TV channel. “Not wanting to influence RTVI’s image and information policy in any way, even indirectly, I decided to temporarily stop cooperating with the channel,” the musician said.

RTVI Executive Director Olga Piven thanked Shnurov for his contribution to the development of the channel and supported his decision to “temporarily remove himself.” “Given the cultural, religious, political characteristics of the views of our international audience, we understand that the conflict between these views and the personal position of Sergei, expressed by him in his musical works, will be inevitable,” said Piven.

RTVI management announced the appointment of Sergei Shnurov to the position of general producer of the TV channel in June 2020. Among other things, the musician hosted the author’s program “Pictures from the exhibition” on the TV channel.

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