Sergei Semak took part in the presentation of a book about John of Kronstadt

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The book about the miracles of John of Kronstadt was presented today at the Russian National Library. There was a creative meeting with the authors of the publication. The presentation was also attended by the head coach of the football club “Zenith”, which is the chairman of the Charitable Foundation “John’s Family”.

Today, not the stands, but the conference hall, but still sold out – Sergei Semak is not talking about football in his life, but about a whole life in football – the life of a player and coach. According to him, faith was always with him, helped to make decisions. He often consulted with his spiritual mentor Nikolai Belyaev

“Thanks to him and his perseverance, my coaching career began. Because I thought – well, what a coach I am, and with my family was not something in the existence of the player, and now in general. But he said: “Yes, yes, yes, but it is necessary, and forward,” – said Sergei Semak.

Copies of the book about the miracles of John of Kronstadt will be handed over to the National Library, then sent to city institutions. There will be one copy left on Sadovaya. It is said that one of the main books for the library is the Ostromir Gospel – the oldest manuscript relic of the times of Kievan Rus. In the 1930s, it was truly a miracle.

“There was such a small renovation here, and the workers who made it saw the silver salary of this Gospel. They thought, “Yeah, it’s worth the money,” and tore it off, and the Gospel was thrown out of the cupboards. And it miraculously survived, ”said Vladimir Gronsky, director general of the Russian National Library.

After the meeting, Sergei Semak’s autograph session took place – for any athlete it is the same part of the work as the game. The coach of the blue-white-blues did not regret a single signature, showing that he remains a professional outside the field. By the way, in the Russian championship “Zenith” wins gold four seasons in a row – they say, you can only stop the team by a miracle. This is probably the case when Sergei Semak prefers to do without miracles.

Photo and video: TV channel “St. Petersburg”

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