Sergei Lazarev spoke about surrogate children

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On the eve of the anniversary, the singer talked about children.

Sergei Lazarev, who recently celebrated his 39th birthday, shared the joys of fatherhood. Unlike many show business stars, Sergei can talk for hours about his children. He has a daughter, Anya, and a son, Nikita. As the singer himself admits, children are completely different in character. Nikita, as a senior, is more thoughtful and serious, and Anya is a little princess who can be bullied.

It is worth recalling that both of Sergei Lazarev’s children were born to surrogate mothers.

“Nikita is more disciplined, Anechka is still a child due to her age, so she can be a bully and a vagrant because she is a girl. But still they are very polite, smart and not spoiled. And they always have some kind of correct modesty, ”says Sergei Lazarev.

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