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Sergei Bezrukov denied reports of his move from Russia

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The star of the “Brigade” Sergei Bezrukov denied his departure from Russia. In the Telegram channel, the actor published a video from a walk around the capital.

“Moscow, March 13. I am walking with my son in Novodevichy, ”Bezrukov said in the video.

He noted that on Monday, March 14, he is scheduled to shoot, and on Tuesday – the play “Casanova. Ars Vivendi ”, where Sergei played the main character and acted as a director at the Moscow Provincial Theater.

On Wednesday, March 16, the same theater will host a production of “Uncle Vanya” with Bezrukov, the 18th – Hooligan. Confession “, the 20th -” Pushkin “, and then the actor will go on tour to St. Petersburg.

Sergei said that the day before he was told at the gas station: “And we thought you left, like writing on the Internet.” The actor noted “unhealthy passion to look for those who left.”

“Now, when everyone is already too receptive and hasty in judgments, when society is heated to the limit and it is so easy to sow even more discord, why look for new reasons for condemnation?” Bezrukov asked.

He called on people to unite and support, “to be more humane and caring for each other.”

A number of Russian show business stars left Russia after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine. TV presenter Alexander Vasiliev, director Kantemir Balagov and film critic Anton Dolin have left the country. Some, such as TV host Ksenia Sobchak and her colleague Ivan Urgant, said they were on vacation.

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