Sergei Bezrukov confident that domestic films will not be able to replace Hollywood blockbusters – News

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The popular Russian actor believes that Russian films can make a breakthrough, but now it is not easy for cinemas.

According to Sergei Bezrukov, Western film studios have massively refused to work with Russia and do not want to sell new films for Russian distribution. Among other things, his film “Mr. Knockout” suffered, which was to be rented by Disney, and now we have to look for an alternative solution.

But it is much harder for Russian cinemas. As Sergei Bezrukov said on his page in the Telegram, some of the halls had to be preserved, another is on the verge of closing. The reason is low fees. In the absence of Hollywood and Western novelties, old Russian films, which used to be collecting, are being shown in cinemas, but there is no special sell-out in the halls.

“Let’s be honest: 75-80% of the shortfall due to blockbusters is so easy not to close the domestic cinema. And in the near future, many cinemas may close. As a person within the profession, of course, it is difficult for me to watch this. But I want to believe that this situation will be the starting point for the breakthrough of our cinema, “Bezrukov said.


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