Semenovich was left alone again

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The star learned the ugly truth about his chosen one.

Singer Anna Semenovich is not officially married, so nothing prevents her from accepting courtship from men. Not so long ago, the actress made it clear to fans that there have been changes in her personal life. But the new relationship did not lead to anything serious.

The celebrity gave an interview in which she noted that she was left alone again. It turned out that a few months ago a wealthy man began to show Anna signs of attention: he took her to restaurants and gave her jewelry. However, Semenovich soon found out that her chosen one was a swindler with five children from different women.

This was told to her by her colleague from the shop – singer Slava. It was the ex-soloist of the group “Brilliant” who showed her a photo of a new fan, in which she recognized her old acquaintance. About 15 years ago, he hit several stars of domestic show business, including Slava. The man pursued only one goal – love affairs with many famous artists.

Upon learning of this, Anna made a firm decision to part. “I deleted him from my life and returned all the gifts, including earrings,” she told reporters at the portal. Teleprogramma.pro

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