Semenovich apologized for the changes in her figure after the plastic surgery

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The star stressed that she never wanted to get rid of curvaceous forms.

The news that Anna Semenovich underwent liposuction in the arms and chin came as a shock to many fans of the singer. There were also haters who reminded the artist of her words, how she is proud of her magnificent forms, loves and accepts herself. The Internet began to actively say that the star led everyone by the nose and actually dreamed of losing weight.

Recently, Anna gave an interview in which she considered it necessary to justify the changes in the figure after plastic surgery. The actress once again noticed that in her natural forms she feels completely happy. She is glad that she may no longer meet the standards that were set for the soloists of the group “Brilliant”. However, one “but” still did its job.

“There is a problem that the TV camera adds five or six kilograms,” Semenovich said in an interview with the newspaper’s correspondent.Evening Moscow». The singer also noted that when people see her in real life, they are surprised that she looks much slimmer than on the screen.

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