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Selena Gomez talks about her mental health: “I became happier”

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Selena Gomez spoke about her mental health: "I became happier"

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Selena Gomez on the show Good Morning America explained why she did not appear on social networks for four years. According to the actress, she decided to focus on her mental health. Gomez admitted that she really felt better when she left social media.

It completely changed my life. I became happier. I live more in the present. Growing up in the spotlight has definitely taught me a lot,Selena admitted.

The actress noted that after giving up social networks, she began to communicate more with people in reality.

I communicate more with people. It makes me feel like a normal person.

According to the actress, she decided to return to the network to help other people take care of their mental health. To do this, Selena has created the Wondermind platform, which can help users cope with their mental disorders. This will be a place for those who want to feel understood and loved, and for those who want to feel cared for, She remarked.

According to her, the resource will provide useful information, expert advice and exercises that will help improve mental health. You can use it for free – Gomez noted that she wants to use her popularity to help people.

Selena Gomez knows about mental problems from personal experience. She faced prolonged depression, panic attacks and harassment from fans due to excess weight. In addition, Selena has long struggled with autoimmune disease – lupus. The singer’s condition was also affected by a toxic relationship with Justin Bieber they broke up in 2018. In 2020, Gomez was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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