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Sedokova, who fell ill in Miami, died without an injection given to her in Russia

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Anna Sedokova.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

In February, Anna Sedokova and her husband Janis Tima left to live in the United States. The singer has not been in contact with fans for a long time, but recently began to communicate with subscribers on social networks. The actress spoke about a chronic disease that exhausts her and disrupts the normal course of her life. Sedokova suffers from a severe allergic reaction.

Due to stress and anxiety, Anna’s urticaria worsened. Her body is covered with rashes and swells in different places, which causes her great discomfort. The actress is taking antihistamines, but they do not help her. The worst thing is that the singer can develop severe laryngeal edema at any time – this was already the case with her during her vacation in Greece. Quincke’s edema can be fatal and suffocate.

According to Sedokova, her only salvation was an injection given to her by a doctor in Moscow. In Russia, it costs 40 thousand rubles and is available by prescription. To get the same drug in the US, in addition to the prescription requires a lot of money. In America, an injection of such a drug is very expensive.

Due to stress and anxiety, Anna's urticaria worsened.  Photo: social networks.

Due to stress and anxiety, Anna’s urticaria worsened. Photo: social networks.

Apparently, Anna now, like many stars who have left Russia abroad, has to save. The singer did not say whether her husband Janis Tima found a job. For a long time, the former player of the Khimki basketball club could not get into any team. Until recently, Sedokova remained the only earner in the family. It is unlikely that her income remained at the same level, because she now has no concerts. Earnings on social networks also fell. Sedokova has a clothing business, but subscribers are confident that her company will not last long with current prices and competition.

In the United States, the couple lives on the money the singer raised from the sale of an apartment in Moscow. However, as soon as they arrived in Miami, Janis and Anna rented a luxurious house. The mansion costs Sedokova 50 thousand dollars (about 4 million 800 thousand rubles) per month. The athlete moved to the United States in the hope of getting a new job. Apparently, in anticipation of his future income, the star couple rented such an expensive house.

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