Secrets, lies and madness – the trailer for the drama “Stairs” with Colin Firth and Tony Colette

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Their family is not perfect, but friendly. And, obviously, keeping a lot of shocking secrets. HBO Max streaming service has released a full-fledged trailer for the dramatic mini-series “Stairs” with Colin Firth and Tony Colette in the lead roles. The story, inspired by real events, will start on the digital platform on May 5.

Firth plays the American writer and father of the seemingly very friendly and quite happy family of Michael Peterson, accused of the death of his own wife Kathleen (Colette).

Showrunners Antonio Campos (“The Devil is Always Here”) and Maggie Cohn (“American Crime Story”) are responsible for the project. The series also stars Michael Stalberg, Juliette Binoche, Dane Dehaan, Olivia Dejong, Sophie Turner, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Odessa Young and others.

And the poster:

Stairs series posters

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