Scott Steiner appeared on the TV show “Judge Steve Harvey” –

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IN kamyzyatskogo Steve Harvey’s Television Court has become fashionable to invite wrestlers. This time, Harvey was dealing with indie promoter Ronnie Gossett, who failed to pay $ 5,000 for indie wrestler indie wrestler Johnny Fairplay. Gossett invited Fairplay to the show, which was canceled, but Fairplay believed he still deserved to be paid.

He testified in court Scott Steiner. Naturally on Skype! Steiner sided with the promoter, saying that the promoter could not control the weather conditions, and he received full payment for his participation. He advised Fairplay to stop whining, and if he didn’t like it, let him go to the same ring with him. Steve Harvey advised Fairplay not to go out with Steiner in the same ring.

In the end, by the way, Harvey decided that Fairplay still needed to be paid.

Steiner will be a member of the WWE Hall of Fame this week. Well, a week earlier, Harvey had been investigating the case of Kevin Sullivan and Jay.J.Dillon.

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