Scientists have determined which music suppresses epileptic seizures

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Research has linked specific music to suppressing the symptoms of epilepsy.

Music for the soul

Musical works written by Mozart have long been known as “healing the soul.” They are recommended to listen to in moments of longing and sadness, during illness. And even pregnant women are advised to listen to sonatas so that they can be listened to by the child in the womb, as it has an extremely beneficial effect on his development.

Recently, American scientists have found another beneficial property of the music of the Austrian composer. It turns out that it increased the intensity of theta waves – a form of collective oscillations of brain neurons.

A sonata that heals

American scientists have set a goal – to study the influence of classical music (on the example of Mozart’s works) on the condition of people with epilepsy. The Sonata for Two Pianos was taken as a basis. But the subjects were invited to listen to other works by different composers.

A total of 16 volunteers took part in the study, who had previously been diagnosed with epilepsy. Electrodes were temporarily implanted in their brains to search for epileptic foci. While listening to the music, the researchers closely observed how patients’ brain activity changed.

As a result, a pattern was revealed: listening to Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos suppresses the symptoms of epilepsy. It turned out that this work stimulates the frontal lobes of the brain, which are associated with the emotional perception of music. The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports.

“Listening to even 30-second passages of this sonata reduces the frequency of epileptiform activity in all areas of the brain except the frontal cortex. That is, the beneficial effect of listening to music is associated with chains of neurons responsible for its emotional perception, “- say the authors of a unique study.

It is noteworthy that the music of other composers has not achieved the same impressive success.

Keep track of time

Another unexpected conclusion was made by scientists: a positive effect on health occurred only if volunteers listened to Mozart for at least 30 seconds. At that time, the frequency of outbreaks of epileptiform activity in different parts of the brain decreased by about 66 percent.

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