Scherbakov showed a photo of his wife

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Humor with Elena together with the school desk.

Alexey Shcherbakov. Photo:

Showman Alexei Shcherbakov posted a rare shot of his wife Elena on Instagram. In the photo she is in the woods.

Elena Shcherbakova
Elena Shcherbakova. Photo:

As Alexei Shcherbakov noted, all lovers have long congratulated each other on Valentine’s Day. He does it with a certain delay.

“I just couldn’t find the words for a long time to describe how wonderful you are to me. Well, I also wanted to find a normal photo. I eventually found a photo, but I couldn’t find the words. I will say banally: “Happy National Unity Day.”

Alexey Shcherbakov

We will remind that Alexey Scherbakov and his wife Elena together for more than ten years. They have two growing up in a family son: Danila and Egor.

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