Scalpel revival: Moscow will soon tremble. Ridus

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Next Friday, February 25, a big solo concert in Moscow will revive the band SKAlpel, which for many years tore the dance floors of the two capitals and other Russian cities.

The band disbanded more than five years ago, but announced a re-creation, and the capital’s club Aglomerat will celebrate its 21st anniversary. “Ridus” penetrated the rehearsal for the musicians and found out whether they had united for a long time, because each of them is full of their own projects; when to expect new songs, and most importantly, a new album?

As the musicians told Ridus, the minimum program is to play the next concert, record a new album and support it with concerts and even touring. The band, formed in 2001, even though it disbanded in 2015, gathered three years later for a single concert, the rehearsals, according to the musicians, did not stop. But the main thing is that the frontman of the band Andrei Falin has prepared several new “awesome songs”, plus they have as many as three unrecorded songs from the days of “zeros”. All this will form the basis of SKAlpel’s new album.

What the new album will be like – the musicians do not reveal, but promise that it is a good old “ska and a little reggae” – as sung in one of their popular songs. “There will be no experiments with music,” the performers said confidently. “Experiments will be on yourself!”

There is no doubt about the latter. The members of SKAlpel, and with them, their fans, spent the whole musical career of the band very colorful. You can learn about all this recently interview leaders of the vlog group “Battle of the Titans”.

Well, what is life in the style of rock ‘n’ roll really – you can find out next Friday.

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