Sasha Stone made an offer to Vale Carnival

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18:37, 28.04.2022

Journalists learned about the bloggers’ imminent wedding.

Relationships Sasha Stone and Carnival Valley began while participating in the filming of the reality show “Stars in Africa». At first, the bloggers became friends with a hint of flirtation, which provoked rumors about the novel. After the project, Sasha and Valya often began to spend time together and publish joint romantic photos. Bloggers’ relationships developed rapidly. Today it became known that Stone made Carnival an offer of a hand and a heart.

Sasha Stone and Valya Carnival

Journalists editions Super confirmed the information that Carnival and Stone are actively preparing for marriage. Their message states that Valya shared the good news with her friends. It is worth noting that the athlete has long called his beloved wife. So, in an interview, Sasha said about his intention to marry Vale. The athlete admitted that he plans to start a family and invest all funds in its development. The blogger also hopes to have children. However, Stone hid the way Valya herself felt about his serious intentions.

Valya Carnival with a ring on her finger

By the way, c interview “Around TV” Valya spoke positively about starting a family. She admitted that she wants to become a mother of many children in the future. However, Carnival believes that it is too early for her to have children. “It would be strange if I wanted them right now. The perfect portrait of my family in the future is three children and two foster children. I want a big family. I love children very much, my parents raised me correctly, I value my family. If I had bought a house by the age of 22, I would have created a family hearth, ”said Valya Carnival (the spelling and punctuation of the authors here and hereafter are unchanged.) Note ed.).

It is noteworthy that bloggers have not yet commented on rumors of an imminent wedding. However, in early April, Sasha Stone shared details of the affair with Valya Carnival. “I can clearly say that for the first time in my life I felt loved and needed. Such a pure relationship, with such affection for the first time. I know it’s all for me forever. The man turned my life around like a Ferris wheel, both spontaneously and unexpectedly. Nobody thought, “Sasha said on the YouTube show.Point News».

Sasha Stone’s mother posted a joint photo of the couple

We will remind that earlier Sasha Stone’s mother approved his new chosen one. On April 13, the athlete had a birthday. At the same time he introduced Carnival to his family. Immediately after the holiday, Sasha’s mother published several reports on her son’s new lover. “There is such a person in our lives that we do not understand where she or we were before. It’s so real, my son is so happy and in love, and this kitten is simple, “Sasha Stone’s mother signed the photo. The blogger’s mother also posted a joint photo of her son and Vali, with the following text: “I have goosebumps when I know it’s all real. Love you”.

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