Sasha Stone lit a bouquet for Vali Carnival

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The bloggers became very close during the recording of the show “Stars in Africa”.

Valya Carnival. Photo:

Bloggers Sasha Stone (Alexander Zarubin) and Valya Carnival suspected in the novelseeing how they behave on the show TNT «Stars in Africa».

The couple often finds themselves in their constant duo in front of the cameras, and young people barely hide their flirtation. It is still unknown whether the tickers will be hidden until the end of the project, because it has not yet been shown in full on TV. However, it is already clear that Valya and Sasha continued their communication after the filming.

The day before, Sasha Stone showed flowers that are going to be given to close women on March 8. And a little later with one of the demonstrated bouquets lit up in his blog Valya Carnival. It seems that celebrities no longer intend to hide and remain silent about their relationship.

Flowers in Sasha Stone’s blog. Photo:
Flowers in the Wali Carnival blog. Photo:

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