Sarik Andreasyan responded to the creator of “Kinopoisk”, who included the director in the list “Not people”

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Russian director Sarik Andreasyan reacted to the project of Vitaly Tatsiy, the creator of the Kinopoisk website, who launched the People / Not People project online. The new website clearly shows the divergence of opinions of Russian celebrities about the special operation in Ukraine. The filmmaker was included in the list “Not people”.

“I would like to say that patriotism and love for the country is a choice. No one has the right to condemn me for my choice. You can tell me for a long time with foam at the mouth about houses in Norway, the economy in Dubai or the beauties of Iceland and I will listen to you, but I will repeat that I was not going to leave and betray anyone. This is my choice. Whether you are a liberal, a democrat, a communist or whoever you are, you must respect my choice and the choice of millions of people living in Russia. I have lived in Russia for exactly twenty years, before that I lived in Kazakhstan and was born in Armenia. And if someone thinks that I can collect my things and wash the floors in Poland or sit at a desk studying London is the capital of Great Britain, then I hasten to upset you, it will not happen. I know quite well what it means to be an emigrant and to be a stranger, so that’s enough for me. In twenty years of my life I have gone through many circles of hell! He was rich and poor, sometimes upset, sometimes happy, sometimes devastated, sometimes full, but I was solely to blame for all these joys and sorrows. In twenty years I have become one of the most successful directors and producers in the country and the country has never bothered me, although it has not always helped. My children are half Russian and I do not separate Russia from myself. And this is not about Putin, not about Zelensky, not about Biden – it’s about me! This is my choice! Stop compiling lists and trying to accuse us and question our choice, ”Andreasyan wrote in his Instagram.

The director is sure that if people like Sergei Bodrov, Alexei Balabanov or Igor Talkov were alive, they would be on this list with him.

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