Sam Raimi is ready to shoot a new “Spider” with Maguire

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There will also be a place for Kirsten Dunst, if the film studio is good.

Sam Raimi’s original trilogy is considered almost a reference film adaptation of Spider-Man comics, so it is not surprising that the director is still begging to give Toby Maguire a fourth solo album. The film is not particularly against, but it turned out that little depends on it:

After I shot Dr. Strange, I realized that in the Marvel universe, anything is possible, absolutely anything, any character can meet. I adore Toby. I adore Kirsten Dunst. I think anything is possible, “Raimi said.

But it is too early to be optimistic. Director in an interview Fandango clarified that he does not even have a sketch of the script for “Spider-Man 4”, and Marvel themselves, so far, are not particularly interested in the solo return of Toby Maguire to the big screens:

“I have no plot or plan. And I don’t know if something like Marvel is interesting right now. But the idea sounds great. And even if it wasn’t a Spider-Man movie, I’d be happy to work with Toby again, in a different role. “

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