Ryan Reynolds chose a place for his own funeral

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In the last two days, the actor, in his words, lost nine years of life.

Thanks to the fact that in a year and a half Reynolds has released half a dozen paintings that have collected a serious box office, he may now not think about new shootings. Especially since Ryan still has enough worries: the last match of his team “Wrexham” added gray hair to the actor.

On Saturday, the Welsh club, owned by Ryan Reynolds, hosted Dover Athletic. After 90 minutes, “Wrexham” lost to the opponent with a score of 4: 5, but in added time the Welsh scored twice, winning this football thriller. Reynolds, of course, did not ignore the triumph of his club.

“It simply came to my notice then that I had lost nine years of my life. And it doesn’t bother me. Sorry, my family. By the way, bury me in Wales! ” Reynolds wrote in his own humorous style Twitter.

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