Russians were outraged by books drowned in a puddle near Moscow

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The books drowned in a large puddle outraged the Russians. He published the photo in the group Vkontakte “Typical Khimki”, a resident of the Moscow region.

The author of the topic said that in a puddle on Kudryavtseva Street are publications of classical literature. According to him, passers-by managed to save several works by French writers Victor Hugo and Johann Goethe.

In comments, the Russians said that once people lined up to get a book, and now paper publications are just thrown away.

Other subscribers talked about ways to give a second life to paper publications. According to them, classical literature is accepted for money in purchases. “For example, on the Arbat there is an uncle, a seller of books from a tray, who buys books from the population. The classics are going well, it is more difficult to sell technical literature, ”the followers said.

In addition, the post said that the books can be laid out in the entrances for residents or handed in for waste.

Earlier it became known that Russians began to read love novels more often. Thus, according to Liters, sales of love novels grew by 46 percent in 2022.

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