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Photo: L. Bykov “Some old men go into battle”

YAKUTIA.INFO.Three major Russian TV channels abandoned Soviet films on Victory Day. This was announced on May 10 in his telegram channel by a video blogger Eugene Bazhenovalso known as BadComedian, writes IA Regnum.

Creative and healthy ideas are outdated, so we must honor and remember the heavenly traitors for justice, drift and NITRO in a safe war, as well as people who lost their lives in Stalingrad for Katya (sarcastic reference to the painting “Stalingrad” by Fyodor Bondarchuk – IA REGNUM) In this way, in a new video, Bazhenov described the position of TV channels and producers of new films about the Great Patriotic War.

He noted that on Victory Day instead of Soviet cinema in prime time on Russian TV channels, in particular, showed a picture of “T-34”, which during the advertising campaign journalists called “Fast and Furious on tanks”, as well as films “Nine” , “Stalingrad”, “Ax”, “Tanks”, “Zoya”, “Saboteur” and others, which, according to Bazhenov and many experts, have nothing to do with real history and carry completely different ideas and messages.

The video blogger noted that after “dissatisfaction of viewers and great hype in the media” the First Channel still put on the broadcast network the tape “Some old men go to war” Leonid Bykovbut not in prime time, as this time was occupied by the controversial film “Saboteur”, in which with the help of computer technology returned to the screen the deceased in 2010 Vladislav Galkin.

Bazhenov noted that those Russian TV channels that are not considered central, “still manage to show a normal movie that more or less reveals the war and the goals of the parties,” but even they put in prime time the same mediocre new Russian pictures . “The viewer is diligently distracted by the wrapper from the filling. The main thing is not to think, do not understand, do not study history, “Bazhenov stressed.

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