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Russian rental will be saved by Balabanov’s films

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It became known that they will be shown in cinemas instead of Western novelties.

Initially, only Russian-made box office hits were planned to return to the big screens: “Slave”, “Movement Up” and other films, but now legendary cartoons about three heroes and Alexei Balabanov’s paintings have joined the program to keep the industry afloat.

The entire franchise “Three Heroes” will be shown in cinemas in the near future, as well as “Brother”, “Brother 2”, “Blindfolds”, “I’m not in pain”, “About freaks and people” and almost all other films of the famous director. It is noteworthy that for the films “Cargo 200” and “War” by the same Balabanov, judging by list pictures from the “Bulletin of the film distributor”, there will be no place on the screen.

It will be recalled that the distributors had to take unprecedented measures due to the fact that the big five Western film studios canceled high-profile premieres in our country. “Batman”, “Elvis”, “Sonic”, “I’m blushing” and many other novelties can be seen only in “numbers”.

Photo source: Frame from the movie “Brother 2”

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