Russian cinema, like gas, is planned to be exported for rubles

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Russia’s largest distributor of domestic films, Central Partnership (CPS, part of the Gazprom Media holding), is discussing with foreign partners the conclusion of new contracts in alternative euro and dollar currencies. Vadim Vereshchagin, the general director of the Central Election Commission, told Vedomosti about this. According to him, it is a question of selling Russian films to Latin America for rubles and the local currency of the buyer countries, to China for rubles and yuan.

According to the CEO of the Central Bank, transactions in alternative euro and dollar currencies are a necessary measure: “Any payments in euros and dollars go through correspondent accounts, and counterparties make them, as a rule, through some American or European banks. And there are difficulties with this due to sanctions. Secondly, there are problems on the ground: the management of some banks in the countries where our partners work, has decided to temporarily suspend any payments to Russia.

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