Rules of conduct on the Internet: Rostelecom has released a book on cybersecurity in 2022 |

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Rostelecom presented a large-scale print publication – “Beautiful, dangerous, cyber-secure world.” The book is intended for the mass reader and in simple language tells how to behave on the Internet.

The active development of Internet technologies and the field of big data, in addition to the obvious advantages, entails real risks. The new digital world is fraught with many dangers, especially for the youngest and most mature citizens. The book on cybersecurity tells about the principles of work and use of technologies that have deeply penetrated our lives, teaches not to be afraid of the Internet and to use modern electronic devices, as well as to resist cybercriminals.

The book details the rules of cyber hygiene, the application of which will make using the Internet as safe as possible. Real examples explain how to protect digital values, how to come up with, change and remember passwords, describe the dependence of children and adults on social networks and the number of likes, as well as the benefits of social networks and the dangers that lie in them. There are clear guidelines on how to behave if a child is a victim of cyberbullying, where to go for help.

Rostelecom is convinced that in order to successfully confront cybercriminals, it is necessary to understand exactly how they attack, what weaknesses they hit, and to build a competent line of defense based on this.

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