Rudova lost part of her front tooth in an unequal battle with food. Video

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The actress’s day has not been set since the morning.

Natalia Rudova. Photo: Global Look Press

If today is not the best day for you, listen Natalia Rudova, who got up at 6.30 in the morning and went to film, but everything went awry.

Actress told that the light was turned off in her apartment, and she did not know how to pay for it. Fortunately, a friend came to her aid. And then she hurried to the shooting, waiting to work until the evening. However, the group was disbanded earlier.

Happy Natalia Ore hurried to lunch, but ate so deliciously that she chipped a tooth in front. The participant of the project “Stars in Africa” ​​demonstrated the result of an unequal battle with food, and then was imprinted in a dentist’s chair.

Natalia Rudova. Photo: t.me/rudovanatalove

Well, thanks to Natasha, who helps us know that the rich are crying too.

It should be noted that Natalia Rudova is a vegetarian, which she constantly reminded the participants of the TNT project in Africa. She probably had the hardest time feeding herself during the filming. But now the celebrity, judging by the tooth, comes off in full.

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