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Rudova in a wet bikini crazed drove fans crazy

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The actress shared a spicy photo. She amazed fans with her shapes.

Natalia Rudova. Photo: social networks of the star

Natalia Rudova is a famous Russian actress. She starred in dozens of different films. The series “Tatiana’s Day” brought her fame. Now she can be seen in projects such as Biheppi and Swingers.

The blonde without hesitation is removed without clothes. At the same time, she is constantly working on the figure. Recently, the actress spent time with Paul Priluchny. They starred in the picture “Skin market”.

But even during the weekend, Natalia finds something to surprise fans. This time she did not leave her home, but answered questions from subscribers and at the same time published bold footage.

At first, the actress boasted a chiseled figure in a top and microshorts. Rudova showed her flat stomach and slender legs. She admitted that she keeps herself in shape thanks to training.

In the second photo, the actress appeared in the pool. She posed in a wet bikini, exposing her cleavage to the sun. Natalia teased fans with seductive forms. At the same time, the sun’s rays fell into the hollow.

Natalia Rudova. Photo: social networks of the star

Fans were impressed. Many showered the actress with compliments and admitted that she could give a head start even to models. “Such a luxury”, “Just charm”, “This is a mermaid”, “Very beautiful figure”, “Natalia, no words”, “How tempting”, “Natalia, you are an angel”, “Unreal”, “Good” , “Angelically good”, “God created such a miracle”, – commented on the footage of Internet users.

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