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Rudkovskaya set a condition for Barski, Nagiyev said goodbye to fans, Netrebko fell ill

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About this and other most popular news from the world of stars for March 12 – in the review of

Yana Rudkovskaya. Photo:

Some show business stars have already reacted to Max Barsky’s remarks about Russia. Producer Yana Rudkovskaya was not left out either. She believes that the Ukrainian artist should then return all the awards he received in our country.

Dmitry Nagiyev, meanwhile, said goodbye to his fans on Instagram, and Anna Netrebko, who was removed from the stages of European theaters, fell ill. About these and other news from the world of show business, which became the most popular on March 12 – in the review of the site

Yana Rudkovskaya demanded that Max Barskikh return the awards

The remarks of the Ukrainian artist Max Barskikh about Russia did not go unnoticed in the domestic show business. So, earlier Timati answered the singer in a rigid form, and Yana Rudkovskaya meanwhile demanded Barsky to return all awardswhich he received in Russia.

Max Barskikh
Max Barskikh. Photo: Global Look Press

“Max, we are waiting for your concerts and awards in countries that are” part of your geography. ” In principle, it is inconvenient to include your tracks somewhere! People will misunderstand, ”Rudkovskaya wrote in her telegram channel.

Dmitry Nagiyev said goodbye to fans on Instagram

Russian Instagram users are massively creating telegram channels and VKontakte pages. According to the decision of Roskomnadzor, Instagram will be blocked on March 14.

Dmitry Nagiyev
Dmitry Nagiyev. Photo: Global Look Press

Among those who said goodbye to subscribers on this social network was and Dmitry Nagiyev. It is noteworthy that he has not appeared there since February 23.

How much money did Lazarev, Kudryavtseva and others earn on Instagram?

It’s no secret that Instagram was one of the sites where celebrities made good money money. Advertising contracts depended on the size of the star and the reach of the audience.

Lera Kudryavtseva
Lera Kudryavtseva. Photo: Global Look Press

So, it became known that Ksenia Borodina took 800 thousand rubles for an advertising post, and Lera Kudryavtseva – from 500 thousand. Sergei Lazarev could, out of kindness and for 350 thousand, advertise a product.

What is known about Anastasia Volochkova’s new lover

Anastasia Volochkova has a new novel. Her chosen one – a young businessman named Dmitry Korneev, who is almost twice as young as a ballerina. He is only 24 years old.

Anastasia Volochkova and Dmitry Korneev
Anastasia Volochkova and Dmitry Korneev. Photo:

He works in his father’s company, which builds wooden houses, baths, gazebos. The couple met on February 13, and on the 14th – on Valentine’s Day, celebrated the holiday with Anastasia in a mansion.

Anna Netrebko reported the disease

With the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, all European theaters excluded the name of Anna Netrebko from their posters. The opera diva did not get in touch for several days, and the day before she reported on her Instagram about diseases.

Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eivazov
Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eivazov. Photo: Global Look Press

“Guys, hello everyone. Here I am – alive. I have, admittedly, mild bronchitis with laryngitis, but nothing – it’s all small things. I will recover soon. I decided to get in touch with you before Instagram is closed in Russia, ”Netrebko said.

Joseph Prigogine spoke about real estate abroad

In this situation, Producer Joseph Prigogine is worried that the West may simply take all real estate and freeze the accounts of the Russians. By the way, he also has property in Europe.

Joseph Prigogine
Joseph Prigogine. Photo: Global Look Press

“How is this possible in a civilized European country ?! Where are the vaunted European values, democracy? Give the opportunity to sell, and then say, “Get out of here.”

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