Rozhdestvenskaya did not keep silent about the connection between Kobzon and Pieha

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The celebrity grew up surrounded by idols of the entire USSR.

Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya revealed unexpected details of her relationship with Iosif Kobzon and Edita Piekha. Famous artists were close friends of her parents.

The heiress of the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky and the critic Alla Kireeva grew up in a bohemian metropolitan environment. She has been one of the stars since childhood, and many ordinary Soviet citizens envied her, because at breakfast she could meet famous poets and musicians in the kitchen. However, Christmas itself, as it turned out, was not happy with her life. The fact is that her parents often went on long business trips, and during their presence at home she could not stay alone with them, because the apartment was full of guests.

“I didn’t love anyone, I just hated these people because they took away my parents’ time with me,” the celebrity was quoted as saying.7 days».

At the same time, the interlocutor of the portal singles out Edita Pieha, Iosif Kobzon and Muslim Magomayev, who could most often be found at their homes. It was these artists that the young heiress of Robert Rozhdestvensky did not like the most.

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