Rotaru’s “pensioner” fees were made public

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The singer has long lowered the bar for Russia.

Sofia Rotaru has not come to Russia for concerts for a long time. And there are good reasons for that. Nobody is interested in the ex-star here. Even rare connoisseurs of her work are not ready to shell out for her, says a music expert.

According to star producer Kirill Chibisov, the only thing Sofia Rotaru has been able to claim lately is participation in mixed concerts, even without her band. Such is the fate of all aged stars, even the mighty Pugacheva.

“She came to the national teams for relatively little money, sang two or three songs. No ballet, no group. She is already a pensioner, like Pugacheva, she is also not in show business in the broadest sense. She lowered the fee to 25 thousand euros for a couple of songs. For show business, it’s almost a penny, “he was quoted as saying organizer of performances.

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