Rotaru got in touch for the first time since the start of the special operation

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Sofia Rotaru is currently in Kiev.

Sofia Rotaru. Photo: Global look press

Since the beginning of Russia’s special operation in Donbass, many fans of Sofia Rotaru have been waiting for her to react to the events.

However, the actress remained gravely silent, and her assistants told reporters that she has not yet recovered from the consequences coronavirus.

Sofia Rotaru. Photo: Global look press

And on February 28 Sofia Rotary first got in touch on her Instagram. The singer said that her heart is torn to pieces.

“I’m in Kiev! I am writing this text and yes, my hands are shaking, ”she wrote.

The star said she was praying for peace in her homeland Ukraine, wished everyone strength.

Earlier it became known that Nikolai Baskov’s post about his vision of the situation in Ukraine was called fake Instagram.

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