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Roza Syabitova, who celebrated her 60th birthday a month ago, is a TV star from “Let’s Get Married!” – Suddenly she remembered her late husband – Mikhail Syabitov, from whom she gave birth to a son and a daughter.

Roza Syabitova (in her virginity – Hasanshina) posted a retro photo and a post on Instagram, more like an excerpt from the book:

– This is my life story in difficult times. I know that it will help you find strength in this troubled time, and will give you hope that everything will be fine. IT WAS NOT SO LONG AGO (or maybe eternity has passed since then?). A young woman in her early thirties was sitting in the small kitchen, looking out the window. Nearby, behind the wall, slept her children. It was snowing softly outside Moscow outside the window at night. Tomorrow is the New Year, she thought wistfully, her heart pounding with loneliness. She has been alone for a year now. Time flowed through my fingers in vain, without joy, without meaning, without hope. More recently, things have been different. Husband, well-organized life, well-established business, success and universal attention. Everything fell apart in an instant, like a house of cards. Truth be told: trouble has come – open the gate.

Then Rosa’s husband died. From a heart attack. Criminal structures selected business, friends and acquaintances, who recently had at least a pond, disappeared, like foam on the beach.

– How to live further? Will she be able to feed and raise children without support? Looking for a man? Or not worth it? Will she be able to fall in love again, to be happy? Questions, questions, and no answers… No one warned her that the world could be so cynical that she could be alone, – wrote Syabitova. – She was taught how to get married, how to be a wife, mother, mistress. Was it possible to assume that the relationship would end? Yes, other people parted in front of her eyes, but this could not have happened to her! Her plans were to live with her husband until old age…

It was a difficult time for Rosa. Many had to learn again. She summed up her story:

– Cigarette and a cup of coffee – that’s all her interlocutors…

Subscribers responded by sharing their stories:

– I also sat and smoked, smoked and cried, two children and I am alone in a huge city. Everything passes and the bad past. Children have grown up, I am raising grandchildren. She is infinitely happy, but she didn’t believe in men for many years … It didn’t work out.

– Yeah, and in 1994 I was abandoned and framed by my husband… Left with a huge amount of debt in dollars at interest… Sold everything and even an apartment. I went to work in the north, where minus 53, but paid my debts and with me my 11-year-old son… The former was imprisoned. His mother cried… I paid the lawyer. Tell me, am I stupid? What else, I know that. He still does not pay for his rescue. Years passed, my son grew up and we came to Moscow. In 2006, an employee invited me to move in, and there I met her brother. They got married. The former also married. On a wealthy lady who is 12 years older than him.

– I was 42 years old, children – 22 and 19, when my husband died. First thoughts – how to live further? She cried non-stop for six months at one reminder of her husband. My children helped to cope – they didn’t leave for a minute, and if there was only one left, they called every hour and asked how I was.

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