Roman Kagramanov on work with Nagiyev, Stoyanov’s deception and emigration

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Collaborations of popular youth bloggers and age stars are becoming more common. What TikTok stars work with masters and how they survive under new circumstances, the portal learned from blogger Roman Kagramanov.

– How do you feel now – in the new realities?

Everything is fine, we continue to work and develop. I will get used to the new: I have never been on RuTube, but I downloaded Rossgram, however, I did not manage to post a story or a post there. So far it is difficult somehow. “VKontakte”, Telegram – please. You can keep the audience only with your content and hard work.

– On one of the TV shows you promised to make a video with Yuri Stoyanov’s daughter. Did it work?

– No, it didn’t work, unfortunately. Because no one contacted me in the end. My daughter was not at the show, but I’m still waiting for an invitation.

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