Rogozin responded to Elena Malysheva’s departure with malice

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Head of Roscosmos State Corporation
Dmitry Rogozingleefully commented on media reports that the program on Channel One is closing Elena Malysheva “Live great!”, And the TV presenter left for the United States.

Dmitry Rogozinphoto: “BUSINESS Online”

“Malysheva is everything. Mars no longer attacks us. Let’s miss her testicular dances and female member. The crazy house is moving to the United States in whole chambers, “he wrote on his Twitter account (spelling and punctuation of the author are preservedapprox. ed.).

We will remind, on the eve of the telegram channel Baza
reportedthat Malysheva announced to her employees about the closure of the program “Live well!”. According to him, she told them that the release of the program was tentatively suspended until the fall, but even then, most likely, the program will not return to air. Also in the Russian media there was news that the TV presenter left for her grandchildren in the United States.

Channel One later denied reports of the show’s complete closure and said it was now “Live cool!” is not broadcast due to the changed broadcasting network, because in connection with the special operation in Ukraine, the channel shows more information content.

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