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Well-known arranger and sound director, virtuoso guitarist Mikhail PERETERTOV celebrated his 55th birthday with a grand project in Vilyuysk. SakhaLife reports details.

Mikhail has been working in Vilyuysk ulus for the second year. At first he worked for a year in the Halbaakka settlement. And this year he organized the rock band “Tumen”. Together with this group, even the head of Halbaakka, Alexei VASILEV, performs rock songs. Together with the mayor of Vilyuysk Nyurgustan AFANASYEV, they represented the municipal authorities at the event.

Today, Peretertov makes the sound and arranges the Algys Leisure Center at the MBU, on the stage of which the anniversary benefit took place. On Saturday, April 9, two sold-out concerts were given.

Musicians and creative people from different uluses came to support the maestro. First of all, Mikhail gratefully named the rock band “Urgel” from the Verkhnevilyuysk ulus and personally Yuri VASILEV – DURAI. This is the former legendary band “Cholbon”.

– The head of the Verkhnevilyuysk ulus Vladimir Semenovich POSKACHIN, it turns out, strongly supports musicians. The guys have a decent studio, it means a lot, – said the anniversary.

The rock band Amaka came from the Nyurbinsky ulus. It includes musicians from Malykaya, Khata, where Vasily SEMENOV, the maternal grandfather of the jubilee, comes from, and other legacies.

From SUN came Mikhail SEMENOV – MEHEES, a famous poet and journalist, on whose poems many songs were created. He performed with the rock band Urgel.

Of course, the legendary rock band Ai-Tal, led by Alexander SPIRIDONOV, came from Suntar with his saxophone. Mikhail Petertertov has been a member of Ai-Tal for a long time.

The ensemble “Khatynchaan” led by Gavril MALTSEV came from Namsky ulus, Mikhail worked there in his time.

Singer Dmitry BARABANOV, who performed under the accordion, came from the Nam ulus.

To support the culprit of the celebration came from the capital mega-star of the Yakut pop SAHAYA, for which Peretertov created many songs. At the concert in Vilyuysk, she performed live and, as usual, received a hail of applause.

Innokenty GOTOVTSEV captivated the audience with his accordion performance. The host of the evening was the inimitable Ivan TARASOV.

Yuri IVANOV, Egor EVDOKIMOV and Gennady URAANKHAI decorated the concert with their performances.

Before the concert

– I was struck by the reaction of the audience, – admits Mikhail. – People did not just applaud, shout and express their approval and admiration. They danced right in the hall, because it was impossible to sit down, such a flurry of energy came from the stage, from the live performers. It is important that the leisure center “Algys” has a good sound level, which is rare even in Yakutsk.

Let us secretly note that the main “lighter” in the hall was Lena, the beautiful wife of the anniversary. Peretertov’s family, of course, attended this concert. The youngest son, a student, congratulated his father on video.

The merry party continued with a banquet outside the city. The most unusual gift was a foal presented by the head of Halbaakka. So, in a few years the Peretertovs will have their own herd.

Many kind words were heard both from the Algys stage and at the banquet. Many gifts were given, including envelopes. A lot is eaten and drunk all sorts of delicious and hot. Everyone was happy and congratulated. We join!

– Everything turned out the way I wanted. Thanks to everyone who helped, who responded, who spoke! I am very glad that the guys are developing dynamically! I was convinced of this at the concert. It was a sound! – admitted SakhaLife talented and modest Mikhail Peretertov, who continues to contribute to the development of Yakut show business, pop and rock music.

The 55th anniversary turned out to be loud, youthful, almost hooligan, like the generation of rebels represented by Mikhail Peretertov. It is they who still make Yakut rock sound especially loud and original. Uruy! Aihal!

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