Rock and Raines on WrestleMania 39 – rumor again –

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The Wrestling Observer a week before WrestleMania decided to recall an old rumor about WrestleMania 39’s main event next year. The podcasters once again reminded that Rock will come to the main show of the year for the match against Roman Raines. Rock himself is a supporter of this idea, but at the moment, as usual, it is too early to talk about everything. Problems can arise due to Rock’s schedule, in which it is difficult to pause.

The match between Rock and Raines was talked about 4 years ago, but then it was refuted in every possible way, even by well-deserved insiders. Two years ago, a new match came to the fore, and Roku liked the idea. For those words of Rock, insiders immediately became weaker, raising the conversation by the end of the year. Deserved insiders had to refute again. The rumors about the match between Rock and Raines came back last summer, but it was obvious that if Rock enters the ring, it will not be in Texas (with all due respect), but in Hollywood – that’s where the 39th Mania will be. In fact, Rock himself denied his appearance on Mania this year.

Well, the expected Card Mania next year is already starting to collect on this page.

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