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Streaming giant Netflix’s strategy to revive once-popular series and franchises continues to work at full capacity – sometimes it seems that even major studios are not keeping up with it in terms of launching new sequels and restarts.

Not so long ago we wrote about the launch of the new series “Abode of Evil”, and now the service is aimed at children: it has been officially confirmed that we are waiting for the restart of “Children of Spies” by Robert Rodriguez. And the famous director will not only control the production process of the new film, but will also take the chair of the director.

In his first film for a 6+ rating, Robert Rodriguez lured Antonio Banderas, Danny Trejo and even Robert Patrick. The young stars of the film – Alex Vega and Daryl Sabara – could not build a career outside the franchise.

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Rumors of a reboot first surfaced a couple of years ago, and in January 2021, Netflix first talked about its intention to launch a new film about child spies, but only now has things moved from the deadlock. It is known that Robert Rodriguez will write the script for the film, and will also be the director and producer of the project. Details on what the new part of the series will be and whether it will be in any way related to the story already told have not yet been announced.

The first Spy Kids appeared on the big screen in 2001. The story revolves around junior high school students Carmen and Juni Cortes, sisters and brothers who suddenly learn that their parents were former intelligence agents. Going on the first mission in many years, the Cortes seniors fall into a trap, and now Carmen and Juni are forced to save them. To do this, they will have to plunge into the world of incredible gadgets and crazy adventures.

With a budget of $ 35 million, the film about young special agents earned almost $ 150 million worldwide. This success allowed the film to turn into a trilogy that escaped into completely unrealistic fiction – in 2002, “Island of Unfulfilled Hopes” was released, which placed the heroes on an island inhabited by monstrous monsters, and in 2003 the film “Game Over” became the first large-scale film released in 3D. There, Cortesov was thrown inside a computer game.

An attempt to “reboot” the franchise with new characters hit theaters in 2011, but the film with Jessica Alba and Jeremy Piven failed miserably at home. Not even saved by the idea of ​​4D format, where viewers were invited not only to see a three-dimensional image, but also to smell the film with the help of special cards. Both critics and viewers blew up 4D Spy Kids: Armageddon.

The date of the premiere of the restart of “Children of Spies” is not yet specified.

Another famous children’s franchise – “Ice Age” – is also returning to streaming. The story of Crazy Squirrel Squirrel has turned into a series that will soon be on Disney +.

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