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Robert Pattinson told how he was in love with Iris and Tifu from Final Fantasy 7

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Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz are on a promotional tour before the premiere of “Batman” and during an interview with the French program Clique, the actor in the role of the Dark Knight told how passionate he was at the time Final Fantasy 7.

Attention! The material contains story spoilers Final Fantasy 7!

What led to this topic is not clear, but in the video you can hear Pattinson explain the love triangle in Final Fantasy 7, while Kravitz does not know what it is about, but jokes.

I was in love with Iris. And in Tifu! Everyone wanted both at once. These are two sides. Two options for girls who can be with you.

When Kravitz admitted that he knew nothing about Final Fantasy, Pattinson explained to her:

This is the best game. This is a love triangle, where Iris – or Aerit, depending on which version of the game you had, because it is sometimes mistranslated – is a very good girl whose superpower in healing others, in creating a better world.

Kravitz joked:

Poor woman! Treating everyone is tedious.

Pattinson was not embarrassed by the split, and he continued.

And there is Tifa – a sexy girl, a thief and so on, who wears a short skirt. In the end, you just can’t decide. And then Iris dies! At the very peak, Iris is killed. This is the moment when every guy realizes what love is.

To this Kravitz said:

Either one that can heal, or the other in a short skirt. Are these all options? Oh my God!

Kravitz’s comments on the subject look rather harsh, even if Pattinson couldn’t fully explain that Final Fantasy 7 is not just about choosing between two girls.

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