RM from BTS returned to South Korea

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BTS recently completed their four-day PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, at Allegiant Stadium. The next day, April 18, BTS flew from Los Angeles International Airport to return home to South Korea. However, not all participants were on the flight.

Leader BTS RM stayed for another couple of days. It is reported that he had an undisclosed schedule. Some have suggested that this was his next mixtape.

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Now RM returned home. On April 20, he arrived at Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport in Unseo-dong, Chong-gu, Incheon.

Web users praised RM for the way he behaved at the airport. Despite being greeted by an agitated crowd early in the morning after a long flight, RM apologized for arriving early in the morning, greeted and thanked them, and urged everyone to be safe. ARMY were delighted with how kind he was RM in this situation.

After so many years RM is more modest than ever! He really is the reason why we have high hopes.

You can even see a smile clearly RMregardless of masks! He seemed so happy to be home.

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