RM from BTS gives an unexpected answer to a fan’s question about whether he wants children

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This answer is different from the previous one.

After the concert BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE, RM delighted fans with a live broadcast, where he not only surprised fans with the fact that he almost got a tattoo, but also unexpectedly answered the question of whether he wants children.

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RM with a girl actress for 2019 ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon.’

Among the many questions asked by fans, one ARMY she asked RM«does he ever want children». RM confirmed that this was what he originally wanted. He said:

“I wanted to. I was literally dying to have children someday. “.

Since then, his view on this issue has completely changed 180 degrees. Imagining what his children’s version would be, RM he thought aloud: “But now… you know… When I think of a child like me…”

RM already seen how difficult it will be to grow a mini-version of yourself. Laughing for a moment, he said: “Mmm, I really don’t want to. I can imagine. “

While fans already imagined what a wonderful father he would be RMat least everyone can look forward to how cheerful Uncle will be RM. Since he is still young, y RM there is still time to do whatever he wants.

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