Rihanna harms the baby before it is born

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The expectant mother does not limit herself in nutrition.

Rihanna is going through the third trimester of pregnancy, which she does not hide. The 34-year-old American was born in a bra, exposing her stomach. The actress also wore a jumpsuit. Despite the lack of make-up, Rihanna did not forget about the jewelry, wearing gold bracelets on her arm.

The paparazzi The Daily Mail Rihanna was spotted in Los Angeles while the singer was eating fast food. Reporters learned that Rihanna went to the child’s father, rapper A $ AP Rocky.

On the way, the singer drove to the fast food chain Jack in the Box to buy a glass of soda. The girl was accompanied by a guard. Earlier, the pregnant star visited a children’s toy store.

In January 2022, musician A $ AP Rocky announced both a relationship with Rihanna and that the couple is expecting their first child. The media has learned that Rakima Myers’ lover is 30 weeks pregnant.

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