Review of the book “Brain Crossfit. How to prepare yourself for non-standard tasks “

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Author of the book: Igor M. Namakonov.

Author of the review: Anastasia Sevalnikova, project manager of the Interium digital agency.

Creativity is the cornerstone of most agency workflows, from sales to formal customer support in the brand community. Therefore, having met once in the window of an online store a book called “Brain CrossFit. How to prepare yourself for non-standard tasks “, I could not pass.

It is easy to find a lot of recipes for the development of creativity in open sources, what is the advantage of this book? The author proposes a flexible but complete system of brain training to make lifestyle ideas come up.

The main part of the book consists of practical exercises to increase your potential (by the way, the paper version offers to perform tasks in the course of reading directly in the book, for which the pages have special forms and fields – this is convenient and will bring the reader closer to the goal, because -something is sometimes difficult).

I will not retell them, but rather present key ideas that may interest you and encourage you to study the author’s methods.

● Creativity is not a gift available to the elect, but a well-developed characteristic. But, as in the case of muscles, constant training is needed to keep the brain in shape (hence the title of the book).

● Creativity is the ability to combine already known elements in a unique way. The author identifies three basic elements in its structure: observation (recognition of new elements), method (ways of connecting elements) and evaluation (understanding the uniqueness of the idea). The three groups of exercises discussed in the book are aimed at pumping these elements and help to broaden the horizons, stimulate the appetite for new discoveries, increase the flexibility of perception of the world around.

● In addition to exercises, the author uses real-life examples to give small life hacks for pumping creative thinking.

● Even if you do not like the exercises suggested by the author, using the logic of building his system, you can build your own. The individual approach works here too!

As a result, the scheme looks quite promising, but if you don’t try, you won’t find out. Personally, this book gave me the impetus to realize ways to increase my creative abilities. I think it is useful at least in terms of a common understanding of the origins of creativity. And a ready-made action plan at hand is a nice bonus.

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