Review of changes in the schedule of releases in Russia from 21 to 27 March

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New “Fantastic Creatures”, departure from the date of the movie “Empire V” and much more

Last week, Universal removed the picture from Russia’s release schedule FANTASTIC CREATURES: MYSTERIES OF DUMBLEDOR, which was to be released on April 14. Earlier, Universal announced a temporary halt to the rental of its films in Russia.

Long-awaited domestic project AMPIR V has left the Russian release schedule – company “Olga” planned to release the paintings on March 31. In addition, the cartoonist has changed BEECH. MY FAVORITE MONSTER On April 28, the project will be released instead of Sony Pictures “Olga”.

Project SOUL HUNTER MDfilm moved from May 12 to May 26. The militant also left from April 21 to May 12 GHOST DETACHMENT.

Inoekino has removed the reissue of Quentin Tarantino’s legendary film from the schedule CRIMINAL READING, which stood on March 31. In addition, the company announced a picture on April 14 OUT OF LAW.

Several reissues also stated “Our Cinema”: for example, on May 5 there was a military drama BREST FORTRESSthe picture will be released on the same date PODOL CURSES.

Capella Film has announced several changes and a package of novelties: a reissue of the film GREEN BOOK Peter Farrelli will start in Russian cinemas on May 5. It will also be re-released on June 9 REACH TO HEAVEN Thomas Jan. In addition, drama will be shown on wide screens УЛЕЙ (starting May 12), thriller BOILING POINT (May 26) and fantasy horror OGR (June 30). The picture dropped out of the release schedule THE WONDER ROOM, which was announced on June 16. As for transfers, Capella Film will release a drama INVISIBLE WORLD June 16 instead of May 26, and comedy IRREVOCABLE – July 28 instead of July 7.

“Exhibitor Film” moved the horror film SHEPHERD from June 16 to May 26, and the project THE LAST THING MARY SAW – from July 7 to June 16. Also a horror movie SPELL: DOWN TO THE DEVIL moved from the 26th to the 12th of May.

On July 14, “Paradise” staged a reissue of the picture CHILD OF DARKNESS. Also a crime drama TED K got up on May 5, drama UHOVERTKA moved from March 24 to June 2, and the picture BE THIS! will be released on May 19 instead of the 12th. Horror movie JEWERS CRIPERS: REVIVAL also left from May 5 to October 6.

Animation project MIA AND ME: THE LEGEND OF SENTOPIA TenLetters moved from May 12 to June 16. On May 12, Russian World Vision directed a domestic film DECIDED: BROTHER. Karoprokat announced the project STICKER on April 21.

A reissue of the film will also start in Russian cinemas on April 7 BALKAN BORDER.

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