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On April 7, a new work by the duo “Dan” (Dan Kwan and Dan Scheinert), known for the tragicomedy “The Man is a Swiss Knife”, was released in Russia. Film critics around the world have already given the film the status of a modern classic, and they did it deservedly. “Everything, everywhere and at once” is sure to get into most of the final rankings for 2022.

Evelyn Wong (Michelle Yeo) lives an unremarkable life. Exclusively inconspicuous. In her youth, she pursued her dream and moved with her future husband from China to the United States, where they opened a laundry together and had a daughter.

No catastrophe with Wong has happened in another country, but there is nothing to brag about. In general nothing. She is slowly drowning in checks and accounts while her husband secretly prepares for divorce, and her daughter, who recently “came out of the closet”, is moving away from the older generation more and more every day.

Wong’s story will be remembered by viewers for a long time, because in this film she will face an impossible task – to have time to submit all the necessary documents to the tax office. And this is not a joke. The film is really about that. And about everything in the world. But certainly not about anything – there are more than enough interesting topics in it.

A few months ago – as if in another life – we discussed why the fourth “Matrix” did not have a single chance to reproduce the effect of the first part. Leaning one foot on a giant Hollywood studio and the other on a multimillion-dollar franchise, you can’t make a real revolution.

And “Everything, Everywhere and Immediately” is a living proof that the new “Matrix”, if it ever happens, will clearly come from young and talented authors with modest budgets, and not from fat Hollywood.

Of course, the visual series of the film by Dan Kwan and Dan Scheinert will not be copied for years, but while watching it, it is impossible not to think about Wachowski’s classics. Here, the heroes also find out their relationship with the help of kung fu and also move between worlds with the help of telecommunication rituals. And there are their own agents and his supervillain, who has unlimited power and is prone to absolute nihilism.

Twenty minutes after the start, the main character learns about the existence of a multiverse, in which she lives in different versions – from a movie star and martial arts master, to a homosexual owner of fingers in the shape of sausages. And all these endless worlds are about to be destroyed by a monster – the only person who managed to unite their personalities into one.

But if in Marvel movies multiverse is just a screenwriting tool that allows you to create crossovers, in “Everything, everywhere and at once” – it is a source of enormous stress for the characters.

How to continue to live, if you are not just a grain of sand in the universe, but a grain of sand in an infinite number of universes? What is the point of your decisions if they are not absolute and only create new branches of reality? Why go to training or cooking classes if you are washed away every day by a stream of terrible news? How to live when there is so much pain in the world that you can’t help but pass through yourself?

The main character’s husband is played by Ke Hui Quan, the same boy from the 1984 film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Destiny. He is already 50 years old

The directors of “Everything, Everywhere and Immediately” like to joke that this is a movie about a middle-aged woman trying to deal with taxes. But in fact it is an ambitious story about the struggle of white noise with the everyday life of ordinary people, the battle of so much meaning with the sea of ​​meaninglessness.

But fear of the chaos around us is not the only topic the authors want to address. They try to find a formula for happiness in a world that is clearly going to hell, and they show that the only way to save humanity is to break the illusion that violence can be the only way to solve problems.

While working on the painting “Dan”, they were very afraid that they would complicate the story or not fit into a modest budget. But for only $ 25 million, they managed to paint a picture that looks several times more expensive, and reduce the complex story of travel to parallel worlds and multiple personalities of all key characters to the simplest drama of generations – a married couple, grandfather and granddaughter.

If you suddenly think that there is too little specificity in this text, it is done on purpose. I watched the film in a hall full of spectators, and what we saw was a big surprise for all of us. When it seemed that the authors’ ingenuity and vulgar humor had run out, they again surprised with another scene, which made the audience laugh out loud, sigh, and silently admire what they saw.

I do not want to retell individual scenes, but you should know that in “The Man – the Swiss Army Knife” one of the key characters was a gasping corpse, and “Everything, everywhere and at once” in its jokes and metaphors goes even further.

At the same time, Dan Kwan and Dan Scheinert had a real holiday of cinema. “Everything, Everywhere and Immediately” combines fights in the style of Hong Kong militants and philosophical research somewhere between Terrence Malik and “Soul” Pixar with episodes that should be included in the next part of “Freaks”.

This film is a two-hour stream of originality, accessible to all viewers, but not sacrificing the semantic load for the sake of mass. And it is a kind of creative therapy for people who feel lost when monstrous things happen on a world of hard-to-understand scale. The art we need here and now.

What I liked

  • Spectacular fight scenes in the style of movies with Jackie Chan, but ten times crazier.
  • Best roles of Michelle Yeo and Jamie Lee Curtis over the years.
  • Sparkling humor without brakes, which is not lost in dubbing.
  • An original plot that speaks of grand things in simple words.
  • Great editing, which makes the picture look more expensive than it really is.
  • The film was released in Russia. You can just take it straight and watch it in the cinema on the weekends. This is now a rarity.

What I didn’t like

  • Excess pavilion filming, which makes the action seem somewhat claustrophobic.
  • Humor may seem too vulgar to some (I warned you with the mysterious mention of anal plugs in the title).

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