Retrosh and deep neckline: what the stars wore to BAFTA

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Lady Gaga did not receive the coveted statuette for the acclaimed “House of Gucci”, and the main prize went to the film “The Power of the Dog”. More about the results see the link.

And we will talk about the outfits chosen by the stars.

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One of the main trends was retroshik. For example, Sienna Miller complemented the satin floor-length dress with lace gloves above the elbow. Salma Hayek shone in a Rococo dress as if black lace could be seen from under a purple velor dress around her neckline.

Naomi Campbell chose a dress in a similar style.

The neckline of the stars has also become a noticeable detail – many have chosen deep necklines.

Emma Watson came out in a dress with a deep triangle neckline and open back, Le Seydou in a stunning corset dress emphasizing the chest, and Lady Gaga posed for the cameras in a velor emerald dress that opens the chest (also in retro style).

This time there was a lot of tulle on the red carpet – for example, Emma Watson’s skirt is completely sewn from aerial scraps of mesh fabric, Florence Pew’s dress was decorated with a long “tail” – tulle hem, and “Very Strange Things” star Millie Bobby Brown appeared in a maxi dress of elegant black lace. Does this mean that the return of tutu skirts is coming soon?

Men also choose retro: velvet suits in deep blue and emerald shades, mid-thigh jackets and details that will help to stand out.

For example, Daniel Kaluya chose a coat with blue oversleeves resembling feathers.

And Troy Kotsur complemented the image of a “taxi driver’s cap”.

Benedict Cumberbatch chose the classic – a black suit and a dazzling white shirt, complemented by a laconic butterfly.

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